Happy Academic New Year! And – welcome new executive!

Dear colleagues,

I am so pleased to welcome our new members to the SoTL Canada executive – Janice Miller-Young (Mount Royal University) as Chair, Beth Marquis (McMaster University) as Treasurer, and Victoria Chen (Queens University) as Advisor, Student Engagement. Please join me in both congratulating them and in thanking them in advance for their work on our behalf!

With this amazingly strong team (including Jovan Groen continuing as Vice-Chair and Annemarieke Hoesktra continuing as Secretary), I am pleased to be stepping into the role of Past-Chair (from which I will lurk and create all kinds of trouble – well, actually, I’ve promised to be supportive and useful to the new executive).

Two big initiatives (in addition to the other working group plans underway and the STLHE pre-conference workshop given in June) – we are well underway for our Special Issue of New Directions in Teaching and Learning – that’s on the books for 2015 – and authors have just submitted full chapters for peer review. In addition, the past executive, in consort with the working groups and with input from those at the AGM in June (and special thanks to Ken Meadows for his suggestions) have created a survey to find out what would be most useful to you in terms of what SoTL Canada might pursue next. We will be taking the survey through ethics so it might also serve the purpose of starting a literature on organizations such as ours.

These are indeed exciting times – and I for one am looking forward to seeing where we head next!

Happy September,
Nicola Simmons
(Outgoing) Founding Chair

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3 Responses to Happy Academic New Year! And – welcome new executive!

  1. Erin says:

    Congratulations to the new members of the executive and a thanks for your willingness to lead! And an enthusiastic cheer of thanks to you, Nicola, for spearheading this group and for championing it with such energy. I look forward to the continued inspiring work!
    -Erin Aspenlieder

  2. And – I’m remiss here – though I have thanked them in other places, I want to particularly thank Roselynn Verwoord for being our first Advisor, Student Engagement, and Deb Bennett, now our past Treasurer – your support and input and hard work were a big part of how we got to where we are!

  3. cpopovic says:

    I’d like to echo Erin – big thanks to you Nicola for your energy and vision in getting this going – and welcome of course to the new executive.

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