SoTL Poster Event at the University of Victoria

By Cynthia Korpan, LTC Professional Development Programs and TA Training Manager and Dr. Joe Parsons, Acting Associate Director, Curriculum and Learning Outcomes, Learning and Teaching Centre, University of Victoria

Each year the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) at the University of Victoria (UVic) hosts a day in August for conversations, workshops, and networking opportunities for all UVic teachers, appropriately titled, Let’s Talk About Teaching. Award-winning teachers and LTC staff lead the concurrent workshops. This past August we included a poster event to showcase the excellent Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research taking place at our institution.

For the SoTL poster event, we contacted recipients of two grants adjudicated and managed by the LTC: Learning and Teaching Development Grants and the Learning Without Borders Curricular Development Fund . Both of these competitive grants support the research, development and implementation of evidence-supported changes to curriculum and pedagogy. Brought together to share their research questions, pedagogical innovations and methods of inquiry, the multiply-disciplined cohort share expertise, and thrive on cross-discipline connections.

We were happy to have several award winners accept the opportunity to showcase their work at the inaugural SoTL poster event. Additionally, we were pleased to have many colleagues attend the poster event held at the end of the day.

SoTL Poster Event Group Shot

Figure 1: Group shot of UVic SoTL Poster Event

Sohad Kadhum SoTL Poster Event

Figure 2: Sohad Kadhum, Mechanical Engineering, with poster

(Photos by Marg MacQuarrie)

The posters represented a vast range of SoTL research taking place at UVic. Broad themes included the inclusion of technology, fostering community engagement, internationalizing the curriculum, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The technology theme included research that tested the effects of “gamification” tools on online engagement in higher education; another looked at the efficacy of including 1:1 tablets into a teacher education course. In fostering community engagement, one study aimed to find out the knowledge and skills graduate students require in order to successfully engage in campus-community research. Research supported by a Learning Without Borders grant with a focus on internationalization looked at ways to provide German language learners with linguistic and intercultural tools. Another research project in this category was about including students in the course development of a foundation Russian language course. Innovative approaches to teaching and learning included research that compiled an online resource for UVic instructors looking for ways to incorporate more age-related content into their courses, applicable across disciplines. For a complete list and descriptions of all of the posters, please see this page.

We look forward to the poster event of Let’s Talk About Teaching expanding as this portion of the day becomes a regular feature.

Further information about the conference can be accessed on our website at Let’s Talk About Teaching.

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