STLHE pre-conference workshop proposals

Dear members of SoTL Canada,

As the executive of SoTL Canada we would like to encourage our members to put forth proposals for a half day or full day pre-conference workshop at STLHE. This year’s annual conference will be held June 16-19 in Vancouver. The pre-conference workshop would be scheduled for June 15.

Topics of interest to our STLHE members include:

  • SoTL research methods
  • Writing and publishing a SoTL paper
  • Including students in your SoTL project

You don’t need to run your proposal by the SoTL Canada executive, but if you like to coordinate your efforts with other SoTL Canada members, you can do so by replying to this post. Also, if you have additional topics you would like to see a pre-conference workshop on, you can include that in a comment as well.

On behalf of the SoTL Canada executive,

Happy holidays to you and your family!

Annemarieke Hoekstra

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2 Responses to STLHE pre-conference workshop proposals

  1. Carolyn Hoessler says:

    I would be interested in collaborating on a SoTL research methods session or research planning.

  2. annemarieke2013 says:

    That’s great Carolyn. You could possibly contact Doug Hamilton at Royal Roads University to see if he’s interested in working on this with you. One of his resources is posted on the resource page of this SoTL Canada site.

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