Call for SoTL Resources

We have started to update our SoTL Resources page, but decided to put the call out to you, colleagues!  What resources would you like to see listed?  In particular, what resources have you found useful for getting started in SoTL, or for supporting those who are getting started, or for advocating for the importance of SoTL work? Please add your comments below:

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4 Responses to Call for SoTL Resources

  1. Magdalen Normandeau says:

    The Getting Started in PER articles on PER-central are great! Of course, the examples used in the papers are related mostly to physics (PER = Physics Education Research) but several of the papers would be very useful to non-physicists.
    Titles of the articles available to date that would be of interest to non-physicists:
    – Getting Started with Quantitative Methods in Physics Education Research
    – Getting Started in Qualitative Physics Education Research
    – An Introduction to Classical Test Theory as Applied to Conceptual Multiple-choice Tests
    – Getting Started with Research on Epistemologies and Expectations

    There’s also “Regulations and Ethical Considerations for Working with Human Participants in Physics and Astronomy Education Research” but it’s written by folks in the US so there are undoubtedly differences.

    These articles are housed at:

    In book form, a good resource for science and engineering folks looking to get into research related to teaching and learning is “Discipline-Based Education Research – A Scientist’s Guide” by Slater, Slater and Bailey. Most of the chapters would be of interest to non-scientists as well.

  2. Hi everyone. Could we have a link to the videos created by Elon University back when they hosted ISSOTL?

  3. Cora McCloy says:

    At the 2014 ISSOTL conference in Quebec City I attended a really insightful presentation on “Arts and Humanities SoTL: Framing a Research Agenda”. I subsequently sought advice from one of the presenters, Nancy Chick on selecting an article to share for our upcoming University of Toronto SoTL Journal Club that would raise the issues addressed in her session. I wanted to spark discussions on choice of methodologies for our SoTL work. Nancy suggested one of her own articles and this selection resulted in a really solid and informed discussion with faculty who were quite new to SoTL, discussing methodologies across their diverse disciplines. This is a brief (!) article and includes a range of discussions that are current in the field of SoTL. I highly recommend this piece for a resource list:

    Chick, Nancy L. (2014). Methodologically Sound’ Under the ‘Big Tent’: An Ongoing Conversation. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Vol. 8: No. 2, Article 1.

  4. Thanks everyone, these are great suggestions! I will also suggest a couple of resources from my own discipline: these were written with engineers in mind but would be very useful for anyone new to education-related and particularly qualitative research:

    Qualitative Research Basics: A Guide for Engineering Educators:

    A Guidebook on Conceptual Frameworks for Research in Engineering Education:

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