notes from the SoTL Canada AGM

Many of us are just returning from a fantastic #STLHE2015 conference in beautiful Vancouver last week!!  Despite our SoTL Canada AGM being scheduled for 7:30 am on Thursday morning, we had a great turnout and enthusiastic discussion.  Here is a quick summary for the record:

Welcome and agenda – Janice Miller-Young, Chair

Working groups update and survey results – report by Jovan Groen, Vice-Chair

  • many of the working groups have either completed a task or were waiting for the results of the survey and some reinvigoration from new members – see this page for the working group updates and let us know if you’d like to join one or start another!
  • the member survey we conducted this past year was briefly summarized (2015 SoTL Canada Survey Report); some of the initiatives members suggested we might work on include national advocacy, collaborative writing groups, peer mentoring, representation at other events/disciplinary societies, online workshops – would you like to help with any of these? See above!!
  • It should be noted that there was also a high turnout and lots of questions at the next day’s CJSOTL presentation on “Writing and Publishing your SoTL”.  It seems this is an area that folks are wanting more support in…

Student engagement – report by Victoria Chen, Student Engagement Rep

  • Over the past year the focus has been on gaining an understanding of students’ needs in SoTL based on the SoTL survey. Unfortunately, very few students participated in the survey leading us to question whether we are in fact reaching as many students as we had hoped. Working with the student engagement working group and recruiting members from TAGSA to join the group, we came to the conclusion a central contact area needs to be created for students to go to and be directed to in order to spread more awareness of SoTL in Canada. The plan is to revamp the SoTL student engagement webpage and turn it from its current static state to an interactive state allowing students to post their thoughts and involvement in SoTL at their institutions and foster a dialogue for students across Canada to join in on. For 2015-2016, the foundations of the new page will be put in place allowing others to continue building it in following years.

NDTL special issue – report from Editor Nicola Simmons

  • This special issue of New Directions in Teaching and Learning on The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Canada: Institutional Impact, edited by Nicola Simmons, is expected to be published in late 2015. It includes chapters from Simon Fraser, McMaster, Mount Royal, and the Universities of Guelph, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Waterloo, and British Columbia, plus chapters on the history of SoTL in Canada, a chapter on the current state of SoTL in Canada, and a synthesis chapter. Look for this special issue later in 2015!
  • This group also presented a session at #STLHE2015.

ISSoTL report – Karen Manarin and Brad Wuetherick, ISSoTL VPs Canada

  • the annual ISSoTL conference is in Melbourne this year and LA in 2016 – hope to see you there!
  • Brad also mentioned that there is a proposed Teaching and Learning Affinity Group as part of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.  We should consider ways to connect once it is formed.

SoTL Advocacy Discussion – facilitated by Nicola

  • Nicola will write a follow-up blog posted summarizing this discussion, but in the meantime here are the notes we took:

advocacy discussion notes New Business

  • A big thank you to Nicola Simmons (Past Chair), Jovan Groen (Vice Chair), and Annemarieke Hoekstra (Secretary), who are stepping down from their exec positions this year.  A call will come out for nominations through the STLHE listserv shortly.
  • We collected volunteers to write monthly blog posts over the upcoming year – thanks all!  We will send you a reminder about a month in advance.
  • Announcing: the Collaborative Writing Groups initiative which is attached to STLHE 2016 and will be targeted for a special issue of CJSoTL.  More on this soon:

Slide7 We had much more to talk about that we couldn’t fit into the allotted time, so please join the conversation by following and commenting on this blog!  Talk to you soon!

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9 Responses to notes from the SoTL Canada AGM

  1. Thanks Janice for your leadership! And thanks to everyone who was able to attend the AGM!

  2. kmanarin says:

    Great conference and great SIG! Thank you.

  3. JGroen says:

    Great summary Janice! Indeed, thanks to you and to Nicola (as past Chair) for carrying the SoTL SIG forward. I look forward to being part of future initiatives.

  4. Nancy Chick says:

    I’m so sorry I missed the meeting!!!! Next year, I’ll make sure it’s on my radar AND IN MY CALENDAR! I’ve contacted a few working group chairs to get involved and look forward to lots of collaborations and conversations in the future!

  5. Thanks for sharing the minutes. I’m excited to see where SoTL Canada is headed and to be contributing to the collaborative writing groups next year!

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