SoTL Canada report, October 2016


For your information, below, please find SoTL Canada’s October 2016 report to the STLHE Board, submitted by Janice Miller-Young, SoTL Canada Chair.  The report is submitted bi-annually.



SoTL Canada AGM

We hosted our annual AGM in June at STLHE 2016.  Notes are posted here:

Most notable were requests for SoTL support including grants and awards, initiatives to develop connections and collaborations across Canada, and advocating for funding such as from tri-council.  Note that currently SoTL Canada does not have a budget nor membership fees.  One priority of the SoTL Canada executive will be to work with the STLHE Board on this in 2016-17.


SoTL Canada exec

We are in the midst of executive elections. A big thank-you to Carolyn Hoessler and Tim Howard, who are organizing our elections process, and to Beth Marquis and Victoria Chen, outgoing Treasurer and Advisor on Student Engagement, respectively.  We have one new chair candidate, two treasurer candidates and one student advisor candidate.  If you are a SoTL Canada member you will receive a ballot by email (if not, log into STLHE’s membership site and update your profile so you don’t miss it next time).  Results will be announced soon! Current chair, Janice Miller-Young, will participate on the SoTL Canada executive for one year as past chair to facilitate the transition.





SoTL Advocacy

Nicola Simmons is leading the SoTL Canada Special Interest Group on Advocacy which is planning and undertaking strategic advocacy for SoTL – towards the improvement of teaching and learning across Canada. This group is looking for new members and ideas.

Interested in joining this group? Contact Nicola at nsimmmons [at]


SoTL Canada Peer Mentoring Program

A 2014 survey of SoTL Canada membership indicated a Peer Mentorship program was of interest to members.  Chair Janice Miller-Young, Vice Chair Deborah Kiceniuk, Secretary Genevieve Newton, and Advisor on Student Engagement Victoria Chen, presented a session at STLHE 2016, reviewing the literature on peer mentorship and soliciting input on what a SoTL Canada peer mentorship program might look like.  As a next step, we are developing a contact list of SoTL liaisons at institutions across Canada.  These contacts ideally would be able to provide some information regarding SoTL activities at their institution, act as communicators between SoTL Canada and their SoTL practitioners, and identify potential peer mentors/mentees.

Are you interested in being a SoTL Canada liaison for your institution? Contact Deborah Kiceniuk (Deborah.Kiceniuk [at]


SoTL Canada Special Issue of NDTL

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Canada: Institutional Impact

The purpose of this special issue is to provide examples and evidence of the ways in which post-secondary institutions in Canada have developed and sustained programs around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning that impact the institutional pedagogical climate. Under the skilled editorial leadership of Nicola Simmons, 8 institutions across Canada wrote chapters for this special issue of New Directions for Teaching and Learning. The issue also features national-level chapters which summarize the history of SoTL in Canada, map where we are now, and suggest where we might go next. It is a must read!

The special issue came out in June 2016 and is available here:



SoTL Canada Collaborative Writing Groups

Led by editors Beth Marquis and Nicola Simmons, 8 different collaborative writing groups met in London at STLHE 2016 for some inter- and intra-group discussions.  Article topics range from educational development, to students and SoTL, to SoTL en milieu francophone.  Our papers are due to CJSoTL on October 17 and will go through the regular, blind, peer review process.  We hope to have our special issue of CJSoTL published before STLHE 2017 in Halifax. Stay tuned!



SoTL Canada blog

Under the leadership of Jon Houseman, our blog has moved to the following location:

We use the public blog site as one of our primary means of communication so interested members should please subscribe using the widget on the top right of the blog page. Note that this is separate from your membership, which should be updated through the STLHE membership site (log in and update your profile to indicate interest in SoTL Canada).

What’s happening at your institution? How do you advocate for SoTL? Members who wish to contribute to the blog may contact our Secretary, Genevieve Newton, to co-ordinate (newton [at]









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