Mapping SoTL Across Canada

By: Dr. Genevieve Newton, University of Guelph

SoTL Canada is conducting a survey through which we hope to gain insight into the SoTL activities of faculty and staff at institutions of higher learning across Canada. The information gathered from this survey will be used to create of comprehensive “map” of SoTL activities across the country. It is anticipated that this knowledge will yield many positive outcomes, such as facilitating collaborations and leveraging expertise.

Over the coming weeks, many of you will receive an email from the SoTL Canada “Liaison” at your institutions; that is, an individual who has agreed to act as the go-between for SoTL Canada and institutional members who are involved in SoTL in some capacity. This email will provide you with a link to the survey that will ask about your SoTL activities. However, in an effort to ensure that we don’t miss anyone, we will also be contacting people through the STLHE listserv as well as the SoTL Canada blog – which you’re currently reading! Despite the possibility for multiple contacts, we ask that you please only complete the survey once.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete and can be found at:

The survey will open on October 30th and will close on December 31st. The survey is available to you on and off campus. You can still complete the survey if you are not currently involved in SoTL currently, but were in the past. And, please note that SoTL activities here are defined very broadly, and range from actively being engaged in SoTL research projects to attending SoTL presentations and reading SoTL literature.

If you happen to be a graduate student, even if you have been a teaching assistant or primary instructor in the past, we apologize, but we ask that you not complete the survey. At this time, we’re only looking for responses from faculty and staff.

At the end of the survey, you will be asked whether you would you be interested in participating in a SoTL Canada Peer Mentoring Program. This is an initiative that SoTL Canada has been exploring for the last year, and we need input from our members regarding interest before we move forward, so we have linked the two surveys (Mapping SoTL and Peer Mentoring) together in order to try to avoid over-contacting people. If you answer YES to this question, you will be brought to a new survey website where you will be asked a few questions about your interests in a Peer Mentoring Program and will have the option to provide your name and email address. For participants who choose to provide this information, it will ONLY be associated with the SoTL Canada Peer Mentorship Program survey, and will not be linked to the Mapping SoTL survey in any way. In this way, the Mapping SoTL survey is completely anonymous, even if you provide contact information for the SoTL Canada Peer Mentorship Program. Clicking on the survey link in this post will not reveal your identity to researchersl.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, about the survey, please contact Dr. Janice Miller Young (SoTL Canada Past Chair) at or Dr. Genevieve Newton (SoTL Canada Vice Chair) at

This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta.

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