SoTL Canada 2018 AGM Agenda

Dear members of SoTL Canada,

Please find below the agenda for SoTL Canada’s 2018 AGM happening on Thursday at 4-5pm in room A1-229. On the agenda is SoTL Canada’s first set of bylaws. This will be an important item for discussion, and a motion to approve the bylaws will be made at the AGM.  The reference material referred to in the agenda will be emailed to you via the SoTL Canada listserv.  Last year’s meeting minutes can be found on the SoTL Canada website via this link.

On behalf of the entire Executive, I want to thank you for your engagement in our community!

Brett McCollum, Chair of SoTL Canada

2018 AGM Agenda

Reference Material:

  • Minutes from SoTL Canada 2017 AGM
  • Item 7.1: SoTL Canada Bylaws
  • Item 8.1: Call for Proposals – SoTL Resource Briefs


  1. Call to order and welcome
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of minutes from the last AGM
  4. Report on Mapping SOTL project
  5. SoTL Canada Voluntary Membership Dues

Motion:  I move that SoTL Canada approve the implementation of a voluntary annual membership fee for SoTL Canada, of up to $20, to support the mission and aims of SoTL Canada.

  1. Officer positions up for election: Some officer’s terms will conclude at the end of 2018. New terms will be adjusted to follow the timelines described in the SoTL Canada bylaws.
  2. SoTL Canada Bylaws (see reference document)

Motion:  I move that SoTL Canada approve the SoTL Canada bylaws.

  1. Goals for 2018-2019
  • 8.1 SoTL Resource Creation (see reference document)
  • 8.2 Provincial SoTL SIGs (Melanie)
  1. Adjournment
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