SoTL Canada Logo Design Contest

Members of SoTL Canada,

SoTL Canada is looking to update our website and to establish a visual identity. The Executive invites you to be a part of the process.  We would like our members to create a SoTL Canada logo that will serve as a visual identifier of the constituency group, both in terms of its contribution and its place within the larger STLHE community.  For inspiration, please visit the SoTL Canada website to read more about SoTL Canada.  While this logo should be distinct, it should also complement the SLTHE family of logos – STLHE, EDC, TAGSA.

Submissions will be accepted January 15th – March 1st, 2019.  The contest will be open to any current member.  Multiple entries are accepted.  Entrants should submit their designs to the SoTL Canada executive ( in a suitable image format (png, jpeg, etc.).  After the submission deadline, the membership will be invited to vote on their favourite design.  Voting will be managed by the executive.  The design with the highest number of votes will be the new logo for SoTL Canada.  The winning design and its designer will be featured on the SoTL Canada website in a blog post about their design.

As the logo design is meant to represent SoTL Canada as a visual identifier to national and international audiences, we require the designs to be of high quality and easily adapted for multiple uses – for example: website banners, paper promotional materials, videos, and emails.  Only final versions of the logo designs are to be submitted; hand sketches and conceptual designs will be disqualified.  The SoTL Canada executive reserves the right to request any editing of the winning design if they feel it necessary to better represent the constituency and/or promotional materials.

The membership will be contacted via email to advertise the contest, submit their designs, vote, and announce the winner.

Note: SoTL Canada will assume ownership of the final logo and its content. The designer retains ownership of the design and can reuse it in other contexts provided it will be distinct enough to avoid confusion with the SoTL Canada logo.

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