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SoTL Canada is an affiliated group of STLHE which provides a targeted opportunity for SoTL scholars to form a community to share findings and challenges, to engage in opportunities for broader dissemination of SoTL work, and to consider ways to catalyze SoTL initiatives at the institutional, regional, national, and international levels.

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Leadership Structure
SoTL Canada will operate on a peer leadership model, with members encouraged to join a committee and contribute to its goal. In addition, for ease of public representation, the Members of SoTL Canada shall elect from amongst themselves the following (each for a 2 year term, renewal once):
Chair (to provide overall guidance and to speak on behalf of the membership)
Past-Chair (to provide support and continuity for the Chair)
Vice-Chair (to support the Chair and stand in when the Chair is unavailable)
Secretary (to maintain minutes of meetings and records of membership and initiatives and to update the STLHE website as needed
Treasurer (to provide reports on any SoTL Canada income and disbursements; none anticipated at this time)
Advisor on Student Engagement (must be a student member)

The current executive of SoTL Canada is:

Brett McCollum (bmccollum@mtroyal.ca), Chair, 2018-2020 (Mount Royal University)


Janice Miller-Young, Past-Chair, 2016-2017 (University of Alberta)

Melanie Hamilton (melanie.hamilton@lethbridgecollege.ca), Vice Chair, 2018-2020 (Lethbridge College)


Andrea Webb (webb8@mail.ubc.ca), Treasurer, 2016-2018 (University of British Columbia)


Chris Ostrowski (cpostrow@ucalgary.ca), Advisor on Student Engagement, 2016-2018 (University of Calgary)

Jennifer Spencer (jspencer@uoguelph.ca), Secretary, 2016-2018 (University of Guelph)

SoTL Canada will primarily communicate through this blog and will make public its key messages through the STLHE listserv and other dissemination methods. SoTL Canada will meet annually at the STLHE conference, and will liaise electronically in between conferences. Please see our membership page for instructions to join SoTL Canada, and subscribe to this blog for regular updates.

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