the SoTL Canada timeline:

2011 – post to STLHE listserv inviting those interested in forming a SIG to meet at the STLHE annual conference in June. Group discussed areas of interest: finding funding sources, leveraging SoTL within academic disciplines, notions of going public, institutional SoTL support, and other resources


2012 – SIG proposal was accepted by STLHE board; SoTL Canada formed with 35 founding members

  • Nicola Simmons as Founding Chair


2013 – Working groups formed on SoTL workshops or a preconference session, an institute and writing retreats, peer mentoring, student engagement, and a publication to map the Canadian SoTL landscape

  • Jovan Groen, University of Ottawa, Vice Chair 2013-15
  • Annemarieke Hoekstra, Secretary, 2013-15
  • Deb Bennett, Mount Royal University, Treasurer, 2013-14


2014 – SoTL Canada formed web presence at https://sotlcanada.stlhe.ca/

  • Janice Miller-Young, Mount Royal University, Chair, 2014-16
  • Beth Marquis, McMaster University, Treasurer, 2014-16
  • Victoria Chen, Advisor on Student Engagement, 2014-16

SoTL Canada pre-conference workshop: Transforming our Learning Experiences through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Full-day pre-conference workshop presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Kingston, ON, June 2014.

Membership survey: fall 2014


2015 – special issue on SOTL in Canada submitted to New Directions for Teaching and Learning – stay tuned!

  • Deborah Kiceniuk, Dalhousie University, Vice Chair, 2015-17
  • Genevieve Newton, Guelph University, Secretary, 2015-17

Call for SoTL Canada Collaborative Writing Groups went out to all members (~ 300!)
-> will meet at STLHE2016 and write articles targeted for CJSoTL, June 2017


2016 – Special Issue: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Canada: Institutional Impact

  • Deborah Kiceniuk, Dalhousie University, Chair, 2016-17
  • Andrea Webb, University of British Columbia, Treasurer, 2016-2018
  • Chris Ostrowski, University of Calgary, Advisor on Student Engagement, 2016-2018