Student Engagement

There is a growing movement within higher education that recognizes the importance of involving students as contributors to all aspects of teaching and learning including research and activities within the scholarship of teaching and learning. Many scholars (Healey et al., 2010; Bovill et al., 2011; Cook-Sather, Bovill, & Felten, 2011) have provided theoretical arguments for the role of students as co-inquirers while others (Werder & Otis, 2009) have modeled engaging students as co-inquirers through including students in all aspects of the research process. These scholars have helped pave the way for conversations about the vital role that students at all levels of post-secondary institutions can play in advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning.

SOTL Canada will work at supporting, developing, and advocating for student engagement in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Christopher Ostrowski, our current Advisor on Student Engagement, at or any other member of the executive.


For a great resource, please see “Engagement through partnership,” authored by Mick Healey, Abbi Flint and Kathy Harrington. This publication may be downloaded from:

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